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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heck Yeah, I scored!!!

Twice a year our town has a consignment sale for childrens things. Anything you need for a baby,clothes and they even have vendor booths set up. Well I had to go to the tractor store and on the way out I realized the consignment sale was still open so Peyton and I went in, he was the only one with me. I start looking at the girls stuff and find nothing. When I get to the last rack I find two outfits that I love!!! Here they are. I think I totally scored with these two things!!! What do you think? Do you ever rack up at these type sales?

Here is the first outfit. I got this one for $5.00!!! 
Its made by Hartstrings. Love the girly fabric!

This is the second one, I got it for $15.
Its made by Strasburg  I mean...it still has the tag on it. Love the bloomers. Its going to be perfect this fall for football season!!!

I am going back prob Saturday when its half price day. I didnt want to wait on these two to be half price because I am sure they would be gone by then.

I love a good and I love a good giveaway so while you are here check out the giveaways in the top right sidebar. A new one will be listed tomorrow morning!!!


  1. thanks for following me and I'm now following you! laura@imnotatrophywife.com

  2. Great finds! We have a similar sale like this in our town twice a year also, spring and fall. Ours was back in the beginning of March, and I totally hooked up my 2 & 5 year olds for the entire spring and summer for about $40 each. Gotta love it!!

  3. I LOVE that first outfit you found!! Precious!!!!

  4. Following you from the sit and relax weekend blog hop!

    You got a couple of excellent deals. I absolutely love consignment shops. Our town has a couple of really great ones.

    Spilled Milkshake