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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lilley Rose Review/Giveaway -DONT miss out!

This is a review/giveaway you DONT want to miss!!!

I never knew there were so many different types of dresses...that was until I had a little pink in my life. It wasnt until recently I noticed knot style dresses. Well if you dont know what they are, or if you havent found a good place to get one, head on over to Lilley Rose and check out her selection. Those are my favs in her shop but she also has halter dresses, skirts, shirts and bags too!!! Here are some of my favorites in her shop!
How adorable is this knot dress?
Love this one. One of my favorites!
Look you can get them with adorable capris too!
Sweet halter dress!
Gotta little wild child? This is adorable!

Lilley Rose was amazing and sent this absolutely adorable Tinkerbell knot dress for Presley Kate. I opened the package and she was sooooo ecstatic. All she could say is "Binkabell" It was too cute! She loves to wear it and even will ask for her "Binkabell" This dress is so well made. The fit couldnt be more perfect. I can not wait to order more!!!

Lilley Rose is extending her generousity to you and will be offering MM followers the chance to win FOUR CUSTOM dresses of YOUR choice!!!! - How AMAZING is that? (I wish I could win haha!)
Want to win? Here is how to enter.
--Mandatory entries must be done first before others will count
--Leave email in comments

**Like Lilley Rose on facebook and tell her Magical Memories sent you (Mandatory)
**Be/Become a follower of my  blog (Mandatory)

Extra Entries?
*Blog about this giveaway +5
*Post a fb status about this giveaway with links +1 PER DAY
*Enter my other giveaways +1 per giveaway
*Buy something from this shop and tell me what you bought +10
(she is having an awesome sale right now)

**Giveaway will end 7/15 * Winner will be chosen by random dot org*

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

I cant believe my baby boy, Peyton, is SEVEN years old today. It seems like just yesterday I was at my routine doctors appointment and they told me they were going to be sending me over to labor and delivery to be induced. I had no idea what to expect. You were my first baby. I think you are one AMAZING little boy. I look at you and wonder how I got so lucky. You are such a sweet child. You love your sister and will protect her like no other. I love the relationship you two are forming. You and your brother are Best Friends and I know you always will be. There is no greater joy to me, than you asking where Parker is and vice versa, when the other is not around.
I want to do some stats since I know I will never remember this when were older.
-At 7, you weigh 49lbs(with clothes on)
-Your little brother (by 14 months) weigh 20lbs more than you and is about 4" tall Ha!
-Your favorite food is french fries and would eat them at every meal if we let you
-You hate food that is mixed up like a casserole or pasta bakes
-You are quite the artist. If you think of something you have to build it. If we dont have the material you need, you make it with something else and its perfect.
(like the sling shot you made with a pen, rubber band and paper clip--it worked too)
-You are awesome at puzzles but not the baby ones, you like the 500 piece puzzles. You wont leave the table until its finished!
-Your favorite thing to do right now is go fishing. You want to do it every weekend. I love how happy you were when you caught your first fish this summer
-You love all things pirates
-You go to bed around 8:30-9pm and get up way to early around 7am
-You are definately a morning person. You wake up with so much energy
-You wear a size 6 shorts (with a belt)
-Size 7 shirt
-Size 13 shoe
-You have to be hugged so tight
-You never go to bed or anywhere without telling me and Daddy that you love us and have to have tons of hugs and kisses

-You love music and it helps you relax
-You love your DSi and wouldnt trade it for anything
-You already made your Christmas list in June, you told Santa you wanted an iPod touch. (oy vey)
-You are definately Mama Boy and I LOVE IT
-You are such a happy kid!

Happy 7th Birthday Peyton. Your daddy and I are so happy to be your parents!!! Your brother and sister are so lucky to have you as their big brother!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey Yall

First off let me get to the winner of the Custom Cutees giveaway is..........comment #4 Crystal!!!! Congrats Crystal, please email me at keepersphoto{at}gmail{dot}com. You have 48hrs to respond or a new winner will be drawn!

There are new giveaways posted in the top right sidebar and a new one will be posted very soon! Make sure you enter!

One last thing, there is only two days left to take advantage of the sale in my etsy SHOP!!! Use the discount code JUNE15 to receive 15% off any and all rosette headbands/hairbows!!!!  I really want to meet my quota for the month and I need at least two more sales to make that :) Sale ends 6/30/2011 at 11:59pm

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Blogger Award

Thats the award I should be given! I have been a bad blogger.  I am gonna try to do better!!! So with that said let me start now with how we spent our weekend!

Friday after work, I ran to the store and got some last minute things for Peytons birthday that was Saturday. After that I took the kids to my niece, Tymber's, 3rd birthday. It had been storming and the party was outside on a lake under a pavillon. It is normally 100 degrees and humid in Georgia in June, but after that rain we had, it was freezing!!! After that we just came home and relaxed.
Saturday was Peytons 7th birthday party! I cant believe he is 7. He will always be Mommas baby though! It turned out great! We had quite abit of people there. It was Pirate theme. I had bought a pirate ship pinata, but he wouldnt let me put candy in it though. He wanted to keep it, not break it Ha!
Sunday we lounged around most of the day! Love my Sundays with family! That afternoon, the boys wanted to go to their grandparents house and my parents wanted to take PK to church so Kris and I decided to go see Something Borrowed! It was such a great movie.

**Don't forget to enter THIS giveaway. It ends TODAY 6/28!!

Thats how our weekend went. Hope all yall had a great weekend. Anyone doing anything fun for the 4th of July?

J Market Review & Giveaway!

I love original, one of a kind shops! That is what you will find when you visit J Market. She has some really really cute things in her shop you should check out! From adorable outfits for your little girl to headbands and hair clips to even baby shoes!!!! Your gonna love this shop! Jill, the shop owner, has three little girls and creates amazing things for us to enjoy!!! Here are a few of my favorites from this shop although I love it all!!!!
Love Love this dress! The colors are so IN right now!!!
How sweet is this little triple rosette onesie?
Love this headband.
No words for this one! I want it for myself Ha!
And the sweet little baby shoes! *Squeal*

J Market was so lovely and sent this adorable summer romper for us to review. I am loving it! Its the perfect color for the 4th of July and all summer long. The fit is perfect. She will get a lot of use out of it because the shoulder ties and completely adjustable for when she gets taller. Another thing I love about this outfit is PK couldnt take her diaper off since it is one piece. She has had a thing about doing that lately!
J Market is so generous and would like to offer MM followers the chance to win any one item from her shop!!

Want to win? Here is how to enter.
--Mandatory entries must be done first
--Please leave your email in the comments

*Head over to J Market and heart your favorite item! Then come back and tell me what it is! (MANDATORY)
*Be/Become a follower of my blog (MANDATORY)

Extra Entries?
*Blog about this giveaway +5
*Grab my NEW button +2
*Post a FB status about this giveaway +1 PER DAY
*Buy something from this shop and tell me what you bought

**Giveaway ends 7/15 * Winner will be chosen by random dot org**

Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Harts Creations Review/Giveaway

I love girly things. No doubt about it! I love the personalize clothes, the hairbows of course, and one of my new favorite things....Tutu totes!!! I love them. They are so adorable! Its nothing that you will find in a big retail store! These are hand made, unique creations and can be made to fit your wants/needs!!! Where can you get these great creations? None other than Two Harts Creations!!! In her shop you will find these adorable tuto totes along with many other things like, appliqued shirt, towels and even adorable baby blankets!!! Here are some of my favorites, I bet you will love them just like I do!
How adorable is this tutu tote? Every little princess needs one! Can personalize it with a name if you want!
Check out her appliqued towels!! So cool!
Personalized birth announcement blankets. These are so sweet!
Love the colors of this one. Presley would love it too because it kinda looks like Tinkerbell Ha!
Love the hot pink and zebra!!!

Two Harts Creation was so sweet and sent me this adorable Minnie mouse tote! As soon as Presley saw it, she was in Love!!! I dont know what it is, but she seriously loves her some Disney Characters!!! My boys werent into them as much as she is. Its so cute!

Two Harts Creation is amazing and will be offering MM followers the chance to win any one item up to $30!!!

Want to win? Here is how to enter!
--Mandatory entries must be done before others will count!

*Become friends with Two Harts Creation on facebook and tell her MM sent you (Mandatory)
*Become a follower of my blog or tell me you already are (Mandatory)

Extra Entries?
*Blog about this giveaway +3
*Enter my other giveaways +1 per giveaway
*Grab my new blog button +2
*Buy something from this shop +10

**Giveaway will end on 7/7 * Winner will be chosen by random dot com**

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BeBe Boutiques Review/Giveaway

I love everything to be personalized and monogrammed. That is no secret. Everyone always told me Preskey would never have a problem with learning to spell her name because its always on her shirt or diaper bag Ha! Well there is one place that I turn to get all these great things.... ETSY! There are tons of places to get these shirts but one of my favorite shops is BeBe Boutiques. They have an amazing selection of monogrammed and applique embroidered shirts. If you are looking for a shower or birthday gift this is the place to go. Or if your little one is having a birthday party and you want a shirt to match the theme, head over to her shop! You wont be disappointed! Here are a few of my favorites but I cant list them all!!!
This is so great for the popular circus theme!!!
I am in love with this girl design!!! The fabric and that flower is so classy and beautiful!
Perfect for the Fourth of July holiday coming up!!
Perfect shirt for summer time!!
So sweet. Love that little elephant.

BeBe Boutiques was so generous and sent my boys these adorable pirates (those two words dont usually go together, do they? haha) Peytons birthday party is this coming Saturday and it is none other than Pirate theme. She sent one for each of them. Peytons is a new design in her shop! I love how the name is on Parkers! So original! They love them and jump on the chance to wear them! I cant wait to get pictures of them wearing them this weekend at the Pirate Party!!! - Check out the number 7 on Peytons eye patch!!!

BeBe Boutiques is so kind and will be offering Magical Memories follower the chance to win any one shirt of their choice! Fun Fun!!!

Want to win? Here is how to enter.
--Mandatory entries must be done before others will count!
--Please leave your email in the comment as well!

*Like BeBe Boutique on Facebook and tell them MM sent you! (Mandatory)
*Become a follower of my blog or tell me you already do (Mandatory)

Extra Entries?
*Blog about this giveaway +3
*Post a fb status about this giveaway +1 PER DAY
*Enter my other giveaways +1 per giveaway
*Buy something from her shop +10

**Giveaway will end on 7/7 * Winner will be chose by random dot com** 

Its Thursday!!!

With that being said, I am here to announce the winners of the giveaways that ended last night. Here we go! Ready?

The winner of the Sassy Kat Boutique giveaway is Melanie (plaidtoaster email)

The winner of the Creations by Veronica giveaway is Kellyr78

Ladies please email me at keepersphoto{at}gmail{dot}com  You have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will  be chosen.

Also dont forget to enter the Custom Cutees giveaway that ends 6/28 and a new one just posted for Love for Stitches!!!

Love For Stitches R&G

A few things that I love and never get tired of is monogramming, embroidery and appliques. I guess that is why I like Love For Stitches so much. In her shop you will find cute little baby bibs, onesies, burp cloths, kitchen towels and even golf towels. She is incredible to work with and has an amazing turn around time. Here are some of my favs from her shop.
How stinkin' cute is this burp cloth set?
And this is one of my favorites. How on earth could sea creatures getting any cuter?
Love the fabric she used in this set! Love it!!!
This would make a GREAT shower gift!

Love For Stitches was so sweet and sent me this bib, burp cloth and onesie set to review. It turned out so adorable. She sews around the appliques to ensure that it doesnt fray in the wash or over time. The colors are so adorable and perfect for Baby Brooklyn. I Her Momma cant wait to stick her in it!

Love For Stitches is amazing and will be offering Magical Memories followers the chance to win a $20 credit to her shop! YIPPEE!!!

Wanna Win? Here is how to enter! (Mandatory entries must be done before others will count)

*Like Love For Stitches on Facebook and tell her Magical Memories sent you (Mandatory)
*Become a follower of my blog or tell me you already are (Mandatory)

Extra Entries?
*Blog about this giveaway with a link back to it +3
*Post a FB status about this giveaway +1 PER DAY
*Enter my other giveaway +1 per giveaway
*Buy something from her shop +10

**Giveaway will end on 7/7 at 11:59pm* Winner will be chosen by random dot org**

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Discounts! Do you love them?

I love me some discounts and when Kelly had one earlier this month for a full blog design I jumped on the chance to get one!!! And now she is doing it again, but only for a limited time.

Kelly's Avenue Designs is offering 20% off of ANY full blog makeover till July 7th at 11:00 pm Central *Blogger Users Only*

You need to head on over and take advantage of this sale!!!! You wont find a better price for a FULL blog design!!!

Also guys remember the two giveaways that are ending tonight in the right side bar!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages....

Here Ye, Here Ye! If you have been here before then you can tell the blog has changed quite a bit!!! I have been wanting to change it up for a while and Kelly of Kellys Avenue Designs had a deal that I just couldnt pass up! If you likey, then head over to her blog and check her out! She was great to work with and you will be hearing more about her in the near future ;)

In other VERY important news....
There are two amazing giveaways ending tomorrow, 6/22 at 11:59pm, that have really low entries. If you want me to continue to host giveaways, you have to enter them!!!

Sassy Kat Boutique is offering the cutest little chimp friend that your child would love or you could gift it for a birthday or to a friend!

Creations By Veronica is offering up amazingly cute invitations that you could use for an upcoming party, birthday or shower. Be sure to check her out on facebook because she sells other things as well!!!

Also next week the Custom Cutees giveaway will be ending. If you have a little girl in your life, you must check it out!!!

One last thing on this fabulous Tuesday, the sale is still going on over in my SHOP head on over and save 15% on the rosettes using the discount code JUNE15 and check us out on FACEBOOK if your interested. I would love to work with you and can personalize until your hearts content!!!
The New Sophia

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Check it out

Three giveaways ended last night and I am here to announce those winners!!! Are yall ready to find out if you are the lucky one? Drum Roll Please

The winner of the Sweet and Cozy giveaway is Brandi

The winner of the Beluga Baby by Bex giveaway is Josie

The winner of the Angelic Bundles Boutique is Dreamerklc from Just the Two of Us

Ladies please email me at keepersphoto{at}gmail{dot}com You have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn.

Dont forget to enter the other giveaways posted in the right top sidebar. They are awesome as always. New giveaways will be posted next week!!!

Also dont forget to headover to my etsy shop, Polkadots & RainBows, as I am having sale on the rosettes!!! Get your 4th of July one now while its on Sale!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Little Pirate - Wordless Wednesday

Well not so wordless because I need to explain the pictures lol.

Peyton LOVES to create things. Sometimes I wonder how he thinks of these things because I never would. As most of you know he is turning 7 at the end of the month, I know, its hard to believe. He has been wanting a pirate party. He loves all things pirates!!! His Daddy just took him and brother Parker to see the new Pirate movie this past Sunday and they LOVED it. Anyways, today I got a picture that the hubby sent me. So cute. Peyton has created a pirate ship and also a peg led and eye patch. This kid cracks me up!!!! (Sorry for the iphone quality pics)


In honor of my first borns (Peyton's) upcoming birthday, I am having a sale in my Etsy SHOP. 15% off all rosette headbands. Use the discount code JUNE15 at checkout and it will automatically discount for you!!!!