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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yard Sale

Saturday my sister in law and I held a yard sale. It was a great day to do it! The weather was perfect and even got a little, well ALot, of sun. I was surprised the main things I sold was toys. Here is what I bought with the money (the same day lol) :)
Got Presleys new big girl carseat. She will still be rear facing until she is at least one if not longer. This carseat goes up to 40lbs rear facing and 65lbs forward facing. She has not outgrown her infant seat by weight, but she has reached the lenght limits. I love it. Its the Graco My Ride 65!

I also was able to get a baby gate that swings and locks for the top of our stairs. Presley hasn't started crawling yet but we are getting prepared.

We were also able to all go to Shoguns for dinner! Peyton NEVER eats, and I must say that he ate almost his entire plate! He has requested to go there for his birthday too lol. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be since my brother and sister in law went with us, we had 3 boys and two babies. They actually behaved very well and the babies were great too.
We had a great Saturday!

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