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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap!

We had a great weekend, but it just wasn't long enough. Friday Kris' parents wanted to keep the boys and let them spend the night. So Kris and I dropped them off and headed to

for what you ask...? Well we are having Presley a Fairy Garden Theme for her birthday. I knew that Hobby Lobby would be having their spring stuff on sale so I wanted go check out what they had. I was like a kid in a candy store in there!!! I just Love that place! Anyways I bought all kind of great things for her 1st birthday party! ...And yes I know that her birthday is exactly 4 months away lol, but its all about planning lol.
I have also be checking online at Halo Heaven too because Kim at TomKatStudio was able to get Kate's fairy wings at a good price there! Every time I would check they would be out of stock. Well I looked on Friday night, guess what, they restocked!!! So I had to buy what I needed just incase they never restocked them again. So I am that much closer to get Presley's birthday together!!! Whoo Hoo!
Saturday it was storming here. Just a complete mess!!! So after we picked the boys up from K parents we went and got a little bit of groceries and headed home. I called my parents and asked if they and my SIL and kids wanted to come over for a dinner and a movie night. They of course said yes! So came over we ate and watched....

We went and seen this movie at the Theater Christmas Day and I loved it! I knew I would buy it! Although it is almost 3 hours long, the kids actually were pretty good! We had a great time and it was so nice just hanging out with my family.

Sunday my parents took Peyton and Presley to church. Kris got up and washed my car then we headed to town. We met up with my parents and SIL and had lunch at a local pizza place with the kids. After that we headed home for a few and then went to my parents and had a cookout. It was then time for my parents to go back to church, they took the two babies with them, Kris went home and gave our boys their baths and got them ready for bed, and me and Sil went shopping. SIL loves shopping for Pres since she only has boys, so Presley made out like a bandit!

So I now leave you with some pictures...

Presley on movie night ;)

My moma grillin!

Parker and Presley
Presley ready for Church

Peyton, Parker & Presley

My Connor Man!


  1. Presley is so cute dressed up for movie night and church. Sounds like you have a special first birthday party planned.