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Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty laid back weekend. :)

Friday after we picked Pate up from school (last day!) we took Parker to the dentist. Well right beside the dentist is, none other than my favorite store, Hobby Lobby!!! We didnt necessarily need anything but we were a little early for the appointment so we ventured over to it. We ended up getting a few things for Pates birthday party. He was so excited to pick things out. Its a Army Style Party. After that we went to his appt which didnt take too long, then we went to Walmart for a few things.

Saturday I wanted to go to Yard Sales, which I love! I was very disappointed. We didnt find one good sale :( After we went to my parents for a visit and let the boys swim. They didnt stay in too long cause the water was freezing! After they swam for a while we went to my uncles place. He has lots and lots of chickens and rabbits. He has chickens in incubators, baby chicks, and grown chicken & roosters. Peyton loved it. He asked his PawPaw for 2 chickens in a cage for his birthday. I hope they both forget about it lol. After the chicken visit we went to eat at the kids favorite pizza place.

Sunday we had a cookout at my parents. The weather was perfect!!! 90 degrees most the day. The water warmed up nicely. Kids enjoyed it. The hubs enjoyed throwing me in, clothes and all. And my oldest brother & his kids came also and enjoyed the water!

It was such a nice weekend! However since this was a relaxing weekend I never once picked up my camera. Whoops. Hopefully you can visualize lol.

This coming up weekend is going to be great and I will post more about that later! Have a good Monday!

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