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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take It Off Thursday

So its Thursday and its time for Take It off! Weight that is!

This week has been a good week! The hubs got me a gym membership for Mothers Day!!! I have been wanting to go for so long! Whoo Hoo. When I weighed in on Monday (my offical weigh-in day) I was down 7 lbs since last week!!! **Squeal** I have eaten like I am supposed to most days. I do have a slip up here and there but nothing major. Lots and lots of protein!!! I have been going to the gym with a coworker and we normally go at lunch, but we wanted to see if we liked going before work better. So this morning, I crawled!!! outta bed at 4:30am and went to the gym! I must say it wasnt to bad!!! Hard to believe huh? I am going tomorrow morning same time! I know crazy right! I have alot of determination right now and I am not sure where came from but I like it and hope its stays! Will post how next week weighin goes next Thursday so stay tuned & follow!

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