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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We are wanting to get P1 a tutor for the summer and possibly throughout the next school year. P1 is in kindergarten now and we are holding him back again for a couple reasons. He is the youngest in his class with a June birthday, he had major surgery in January and was out for about three weeks, and he is a boy. On top of all this he has ADHD. His teacher has said that all of these things has contributed to his being behind. So my question is this. How often should he be going to a tutor? And what is the going rate these days? Should the tutor be coming to my home or him go to theirs?
I called a number that the school gave me. She is an old retired teacher that has tutored about 30 years for the school. She does it in her home for 1 hour a week. We have to drop him off. (I am VERY unsure about this because I have never dropped him off with someone other than family before). She charges $30/hr to do it.
What are your thoughts on this. I am just looking for advice. Is it even worth it for him to have this tutor? Everyone keeps telling me that I will see a world of difference with him being held back just the extra year.


  1. Peyton seems like a pretty bright little kid to me. He has a very good understanding of cause and affect. Ken and I have been impressed with his ability to quickly grasp new concepts. Are they sure he is not just bored in school? As for as the tutor you should ask for references and talk to other parents who have used her One on one instruction can be very helpful especially if a child just needs to focus.

  2. Sherlyn is extremely smart with alot of things. I mean, give the kid something to build or put together like a puzzle or something and he can do it quickly. His last puzzle was 500 pieces! I tell him all the time that he is my little engineer. The problem is he could care less about math and reading. He rushes through everything so quickly and I am not sure how to get him to slow down. I am going to talk with his teacher this afternoon to see if she has some suggestions on what to do. He is a very bright, independent little boy but he just needs to focus more and let the knowledge sink in a bit.

  3. Hope everything went well with the teacher. I think any child his age who can do a 500 piece puzzle is pretty sharp. I am concerned that if boredom is a problem then he might not do well next year because he would not be challenged.