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Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us Your Life Friday!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Its Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner. This weeks topic is you kids (or future kids) names.

Kid names have never been a problem for me. When I was a kid, the one thing I knew I wanted to do in life was be a mommy. I wanted 7 when I was younger and didnt realize the work and financial aspect of raising kids lol. I had all their names picked out and everything. Well once the hubs and I got married we decided on two. I really wanted two boys and I wanted them to be named Zildjian (pronounced Zil-jan) Bret & Sabian Jabe. I know weird right? Well when I got pregnant my parents and everyone else really urged me to not name him that. So I finally agreed that maybe that wasnt such a great name and to give him something a bit more usual. We didnt have a name picked until we found out he was a boy. We were watching on of our weekly shows (One Tree Hill) and their was a girl named Peyton & I looked at the hubs and said I love that name and he said he did too and from then on..He was Peyton! This first name is Kristopher after his daddy. We named him Kristopher Peyton because Peyton Kristopher didnt sound as good. We call him Peyton and it fits him perfectly.

When we found out we were pregnant a mere 6 months after I delivered our first I was hoping for a boy. After all I had always wanted two boys. With him we did pick both names. For a girl he was to be named Kylie Paige (not sure where those names came from) and for a boy Kollin Parker. We wanted them to have the same initals. Once again we were watching tv and one show had a Detective and her last name was Parker and that is what they called her. I loved it and we quickly agreed that we would call him that. Kollin is after my great grandfather. We spelled it with a K because our oldest first name is also with a K.

And we thought we were finished....then Parker turned two and I had baby fever. I dont know what came over me but I was bitten hard by the baby bug! I knew I wanted a girl after the boys but the hubs quickly told me..Boy or Girl were done lol! We found out we were in fact having a girl and I was searching online for girly stuff and came across a diaper bag that was monogrammed Presley. I knew that was our daughters name. I loved it and so did hubs (I kinda think that he just agrees with me cause he knows theres no chance of winning lol). We also knew her middle name would be a version of Kate/Katie. I couldnt decide until the last minute what her middle name was to be. The hubs grandmother is Kathryn(I didnt like this spelling) and we wanted to honor her but I wasnt sure if I liked Presley Katherine better or Presley Kate better. DH didnt care so I finally decided on Presley Katherine and would call her Presley-Kate. But now that she is here we either just call her Presley or Katiebug!

So that is how we/I got our kids name.

We are done for sure because I had Essure done but if I could have more their names would be either Paxton for a boy or Paisley for a girl.

Go to Kellys page and link up and let us know about your kids or future kiddos names.


  1. My sisters and I are all Ls - Lauren, Lindsey, and Leslie - and we LOVE it!

  2. I had bookmarked Kelly's Kids names so that when I got bored, I could try to find a boy name (when the time comes again). I have a Preslei Paige and I ALWAYS get compliments on her name :)