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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parker's Surgery Update

Tuesday Parker had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed. We arrived at the hospital at 6:35am (5 minutes late..whoops) and two nurses came into the room right behind us and immediately started working h im up. One was asking us the usual questions and the other was doing vitals on him. After they finished one of them went to get the "red" medicine. It make the child "loopy" so that they arent freaked out when they go to the OR. Well everytime they would put this stuff in his mouth he would throw up. He said it was NASTY!!! We told him if he didnt take it they would have to give him a shot. He knew he didnt want a shot but he just couldnt take the medicine. He is normally very good with medicine so I know this has to be some gross stuff. The Anesthesiologist came in and we decided to go ahead with the shot. So he left the room and came back in within minutes. He had the shot with him but he was awesome about not letting Parker see it. Even when he went to give it to Parker he was so quick he had it behind him, gave Park the shot, and took it back and disposed of it so quickly that Parker never even saw it. He was AMAZING!

He hates shots, can you tell. Bless his heart. :(

Anyways, after the Dr gave him the shot, it was about 3 minutes and they were ready to wheel him to the OR. It was 7:10am. at that time. They were moving VERY quickly there that day, thank goodness! At 7:25am they nurse in the OR called me to let me know everything was going great and they would come out and get me when he was in recovery. Then at 7:35am she called again and said they were done and would be out in a few minutes so that I could go back with him. It was around 7:50am when they let me go back with him. He was still knocked out and snoring when I got back there so we let him sleep for about 20 more minutes. We finally woke him up and he was so happy to see Mommy. After a few minutes and some Apple juice we got to go back to our regular room where Daddy, Sister, and Maw-maw & Paw-Paw were waiting. He was still alittle disoriented but was happy it was over. He said "I wanna go home" So the nurse came in and said when he goes to the bathroom he can have his IV out and go home. Well Parker said he needed to go Potty so we took him. The nurse came in took the IV out and said we were free to go. We left at 9:20 am. Here is a picture of when he came out after surgery. :)


  1. What a little trouper! He is so so cute!

  2. what a champ! glad everything went perfect!
    adorable pictures :)