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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Weekend!!!

How was everyone Memorial Day weekend? Ours was amazing!!!! Every Memorial Day, The hubby and I go to Atlanta for the biggest and longest running Camaro/Firebird Car Show and Gathering AKA F-Body Gathering. Its always fun and its nice to just get out of town for a few days. We headed down on Friday and intended to just stay one night and would just leave Saturday night and drive back down on Sunday. Once we got there, we quickly realized that it would prob be cheaper to just stay another night rather than going home and coming back with the price of gas these day. The boys absolutely had a blast Saturday night. They stayed in the pool really late and passed out very quickly once we got back to the room.
Sunday we stayed down there for a while until after the awards. We got a call telling us that Presley was very sick. Has slept all day. Wont eat/drink. Vomiting and Fever. She apparently had a stomach virus but is better now. However, Parker has been sick since yesterday and has thrown up several times and just feels horrible! Yesterday, Monday Memorial Day, we went to my mothers for a while to have a cookout but didnt stay long since Park wasnt feeling well. That is what we did this weekend. Other than the sickness it was good!! How was yours?

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  1. being ill on vacation is no fun. I rode a bike, dug a few holes in the garden and pounded beers over the holiday. My spirit is recharged!

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