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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

So ya'll know I had a gender reveal party for my brother and his wife who are expecting a third child. They have two boys, Bryson and Connor. I went to the doctor with them on Friday and boy was Baby stubborn!!!! The doctor tried for a good 10 minutes to get baby to turn but it wouldnt until the last second and we got to see its parts. So the party was on Sat. It was hard for us all to keep the secret. I stayed up late Friday night baking the cake for the party. We just had a small get to gether with close family. We had dinner and cake. The inside of the cake was the gender color of baby. If a boy the name of Anderson, and girl Brooklyn. Here are a few pics I snapped. I was a BAD picture taker. Its hard to take pictures and entertain!!!

The cake. Took to tubs of icing to cover the color lol.

The grandmothers cut it at the same time.

The woman in the pink is Crystal(my sil)'s mom. She has 4 grandsons and NO granddaughters...until NOW!!!

Connor was happy about having a sister!

Little Brooklyn Virginia-Grace will be joining our family in the fall!!!

We are over the moon!!! And someone will get a lot of use out of Presley Kates clothes lol.


  1. Yay for a girl! What a fun party idea :)

  2. I love this type of idea to tell people the sex! I have all nephews and need some nieces.

  3. What a great idea!!! My mother has 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter so I am feeling you!

  4. That's sooo cute! great idea!!

  5. HOW CUTE! you did a great job making a pink cake :) I love it! I found you over at the blog hop! I am now following and I stumbled you as well... I hope you can check out my blog there will be a BIG birthday bash give away all weekend long (also my first give away) hope you can make it! http://mommy2nanny3doggy1.blogspot.com