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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Becoming More Frugal!

Ok bloggers! My hubby and I are planning to become more frugal. We are going to start using coupons and start recycling. I know we should have already been recycling but we havent been. Well this is the year we become more green.
I am going to start using coupons for groceries, baby items, pet food, and restaurants. So here is my question to you fellow bloggers. If you get any coupons that you know you arent going to use, could you send them to me? I know this may sound crazy but I was reading online that alot of people swap coupons. Lets say I need some coupons for diapers and you  have some that you arent going to use and I have some for cat food that I wont use and you need them, we could swap. Or if you just hate coupon you could just send them to me. I would be willing to reimburse you for your stamp =)  So what do you think? Anyone have any coupon they got in the mail, newspaper, and email you arent using? Send them to me and I will put them to good use or pass them on to someone who can use them. I am also going to start posting coupons here that I dont use and they will be up for grab!
We are also going to start recycling. All I know about recycling is that my Dad keeps different bins in the garage for plastics and cans and such but that is about it. Can you offer any advice for me?


  1. Do you have a recycling pick up program with your town/city? The first thing I'd do is check with their website to see what they collect and what they don't. I live in Phoenix, and they take everything from aluminum cans, to all plastic things, to cardboard, all thrown together in one bin. The only thing we can't put in our recycling bin are plastic bags - those we save up and recycle at a local grocery store(well, along with actual trash of course!)

    I'm big into recycling. Let me know if you have more specific questions.

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  3. coupon swapping is a great way to gain and give valuable coupons, it is great that you have started recycling and being frugal. It is fun and rewarding. here are two sites that swap coupons
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  4. Good Luck! It's actuallly really fun to beome frugal. You have to be creative! Following now from the Travelling through Thursday bloghop!

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    Great ideas on your blog. Thanks for sharing

  7. What a great idea to coupon swap! I throw away so many coupons evach week for products I don't use! I have been trying to take them to the store and leave them in the aisle they have products for in hopes someone comes along & finds them! I often wonder if they get thrown away by employees though!

    I will ahve to look into this and I would of course be willing to send you some - what exactly are you looking for? Baby items? Let me know!

    Feel free to email me or stop by my blog and let me know what you need!

    Bernadette - new follower

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