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Monday, July 26, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Presley, it is so hard to believe that you are almost one! You are 11 months old today!

Picture quality stinks, sorry! Still havent got my camera fixed yet & its killing me!!!

Here is what your doing these days!

*You weight 19lbs
*You can army crawl(but hate it), you would rather scoot on your butt-quite humerous
*You wear size 9-12 months clothes
*You have the smallest feet-still in a 2
*You just got your first pair of Converse to wear at your party
*You have two teeth on bottom
*You do not like Sippy cups but Mommy is working hard on it
*You still love Spongebob
*You love to snuggle
*You have the cutest straight across smile-Adorable
*You can say: Moma, Dada, MiMi, Buba, Babi, and the newest...Duck! She loves rubber duckies!

I am sure there is more but you are wanting some attention from Moma, so I gotta go. Only a few weeks until your big party!!!!


  1. I can hardly wait to see her at her birthday party!!!

  2. It goes SO fast! My daughter turns one in a week and a half :(