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Monday, July 19, 2010

Tubes, Again!

In April, our middle child, Parker had tubes for the second time only that time he had to have his adenoids out as well. Well today was our oldest turn, Peyton. He had to have tubes and his adenoids out. The procedure went great, the only problem was when the doctor was taking the adenoids out, he knicked one of Peytons tonsils, OuCh! When Peyton came out he was extrememly tired, more than Parker ever was and of course his throat was hurting. I had to go back to work(only got to go to recovery with him) and he went home with Daddy to rest. I hate that I didnt get to be there the whole time but he understands why I cant be, and he was happy to see me while I was there...and of course he loved the donkey I brought him. Please keep him in your thoughts today. Bless his heart, this has been a rough year for him. First the hospital stay and major knee surgery to now this.

**I am sorry I havent been posting pictures lately, my camera has to be sent off to be fixed and I have been able to take it in yet. As soon as I get it fixed I will post birthday pics and the 4th of July. (I know it will be late but I know you all want to see them...there adorable!)


  1. Aww you are in my thoughts :)

  2. Aw! Poor little thing! Thinking of your family!

  3. So sorry to hear about Peyton. Hope he will recover quickly.