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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday again!

Its that time again for Top 2 Tuesday! This weeks topic is The Bachelorette! I love this show. I have been reading the internet and already know who the Final 2 guys are so it makes it a little less exciting, however, I still watch!

There are quite a few guys this season I do Not like but here are the two I do!
First is Chris L. I love the fact that he took care of his mother when she was sick!

Second is Roberto! I love the fact that he is a baseball player ;) Hot! Plus he is super nice and I can tell he likes Ali.

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  1. I think both your picks are great!

  2. i am so tempted to read the spoilers online! i was THIS close to reading it, but held back. but, i'm pretty sure i'll give in before the season ends! Roberto is so sweet! i like him too!

  3. Those are two of my favorites as well :)