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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bad Blogger Award!

That is what I should be receiving! Ha! My children have never been into extra curricular activities so this year with soccer, cub scouts, weekly speech & language sessions, a fulltime job & a small business, I find myself going a little crazy! I often wonder how other people do it. Any ways, that leaves little time to blog and I miss it! Its my outlet but I just havent had time to sit down and do it. To be honest, I have a lot of post started just not been able to complete them. Also I never posted the rest of our Disney pictures and over the weekend ALL of our pictures were deleted off the computer & our back up hard drive. We have a guy working to restore those but its looking pretty grim. I am so upset over this.

So how do you other busy mommas do it? My husband goes to school in the evening so he isnt able to help as much as he would like. Any suggestions? Advice? Or "You're not alones" lol

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