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Sunday, January 9, 2011

iCarly Fans!

My boys love iCarly and secretly so do I. Ha! Well when we found out that Freddie was going to be in Chattanooga for an event, we knew we wanted to take the boys. It was also a car show which The Hubs was all over! We didnt have to wait to terribly long to see him. When the boys got up there they were so shy, of course. He signed their picture we bought and had their picture made together. The boys couldn't read his signature of course (no one could lol) and said "What does that say?" Here are a few I took too.
Also dont forget to enter the two giveaways posted in the top right side bar. There will be a new one posted Monday or Tuesday that EVERYONE is sure to love. It may or may not be my favorite giveaway yet!!! I cant wait to share it. And another thing. I am so close to 200 followers so if you dont follow me, please do. Lots of great fun going on around here :)


  1. Awesome! I love iCarly to!

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