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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Chapter

Some of the people close to me knows there is nothing more I want than to be a Stay at Home Mom. I hate that I dont get to go to their school functions. I hate that my parents sometimes has to take my sick children to the doctor because I am unable to get off work. I hate that the laundry is never done. I hate that I feel like I am missing out on my children growing up. When I get home from work, I have to pick them up, fix supper. Then we do homework, eat, take baths and go to bed. I want to be a SAHM. BUT....
...As of this moment in our lives we are just not financially ready to be on a single income. So, my family has turned to Dave Ramsey. I know a few people who are now living Debt Free with using his program. This weekend when Presley Kate & I headed out with my Mom we stopped by the B&N & picked up his Total Money Makeover Book.

I am 7 chapters into this book and it makes total sense!!! One of the families that I know that is now debt free is emailing me her budget sheet as an example & I am excited to see how they do it. They too are a family of 5, now living on a single income. So who knows early next year all my dreams may come true.

If you are a SAHM mom, how are you doing it? What are some secrets? How did it go when you went from 2 to 1 income? Any tips, advice or suggestions, GREATLY appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. We love dave ramsey - good for you for trying his system. We do the envelope system in our household and it works out great. We are able to save money and we find we can do so much more :)