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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Vacation

I am so excited!!!! We are leaving tomorrow morning for a family vacation. Only a few people know where we are going (me and Hubby, my bff, and my coworkers and a few bloggy friends)! We didnt tell any of our family, we didnt post it on facebook or anything. We mainly didnt tell anyone because our kids DO NOT KNOW yet.... We are waiting to tell them the morning we leave. (I have it all planned out and will be video taping it) The reason for this is because we have made plans to go somewhere and plans would fall through and the boys would be so disappointed and we are tired of that happening so we just didnt tell them. They do know we are going somewhere now but they dont know where.

So now its time to tell all of you!!! Where are we going you ask? We are going to
Cant wait to visit Cinderellas Castle and meet these guys
PK is going to go NUTS!!! She loves  her some "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"

We are having breakfast with Chef Mickey one day and will be visiting a few different parks. I cant wait to come back and share our vacation with you!!! 


  1. Have such a wonderful time!! What a great surprise for your children!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh!! So FUN LeAnn!! It reminds me of the Disney commercials - where the kids are surprised Christmas morning with a trip to Disney World. How fun is that - I hope you will share the video of the kids' reactions. Have the BEST time!! Can't wait to see a pic of Presely with Minnie and Mickey! hehe