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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Bunch of Sickies

That is what has consumed my house this week. We have been to the pediatrician twice and to an ENT once. It all started when Parker had strep last weekend and then Presley ended up with it and a double ear infection. Then Parker started having another ear ache(severe) and it started draining so we got him in to the ENT to be checked. He has had tubes twice. Most recently, last May. Well now he has a hole in his ear drum and is on 4 diff types of meds. Then today my mother called said that Presley was coughing and wheezing bad. So I called into the peds again (they prob have me on speed dial lol) and they said since she was wheezing that I needed to bring her in. Well what happens? RSV happens. I was not expecting that at all. So now we are on breathing treatments every 6 hours and watching her carefully. While I was in the middle of this post, what happens? She vomits all of her medicine up and all over me. So now I am finishing this since she is now out of the bath and I am cleaned up lol. I Hope that we can beat this sickness for good soon! I will leave you with this picture from yesterday. Arent my babies so sweet?


  1. Yes, your babies are so sweet! You gave me a flashback to when my kiddos were little - but I have to say, I have days when I miss those moments, but mostly - I'm so glad mine are grown! Stopping by from Social Parade - hope next week is better for all of you.

  2. Found you on the Social Parade! Hope you can follow back @ www.destinationvirtuous.com